"The Ghost of Vigoda"

by The Ghost of Vigoda

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This is the debut album by the Ghost of Vigoda recorded live in one eight hour session in Rhode Island. Get your copy, share this page with everyone you've ever known, and let the music take you higher.


released July 25, 2012

All songs created by the Ghost of Vigoda

Recording and mixing done by Randy Hunicke at the Newcastle Sound Studio in Barrington, RI.

Mastering done by Justin Oppus



all rights reserved
Track Name: Another Passing Afternoon
I can feel the wind
Blowing back at me again
Another passing afternoon
Then, the stars surround the moon

So, take my hand, we'll step away
Dance inside the falling rain
As you watch the spinning leaves
Make a home beneath your feet

Yes, I know where it is I want to go
And, I see who it is I want to be
So, I sell my soul to you
Yes, I sell my soul to you

As I step into the day
My mind slowly slips away
The crashing waves soak up my feet
My smokey eyes search around me

But, don't you leave my baby, stay
I'll help you move along the way
Well, let me see just one last smile
I'll hold it with me for a while


Heavy now, your mind soon finds a dream
Paintings of all your memories
A shame nothing seems to be
What it was you once believed

But, now your head rests on my knees
And, your smile, it sets me free
Another passing afternoon
Then, the stars surround the moon

Track Name: Peace Beneath the City
Don't stand so close to the water
The crest of the wave may drag you home
But, you don't want to go there child, no
Keep moving on as the earth moves beneath your toes

Take both my hands and let's step away
Leave all our troubles for another day
But, don't look down or around, it's all moving to quickly by
Just like a dream, you can see it's all gone in the blink of an eye

And, the battle lines of freedom have been drawn
While the king upon his throne is looking on
Take it too the streets and occupy
Bring peace beneath the city to the light

Lift your glass tall and let's all celebrate
The good love shared among us on the better days
'Cause in not too long, we'll all be buried six feet in the ground
So, stand up high, and let's all try to make it through somehow

Leaves falling so quickly past my knees
Yellow, they glow through the Autumn breeze
And, though I feel the days are heavy, I know they're real
Unlike the fear we hear through our TV's so unclear

Track Name: Into The Night
Oh, won't you take me back to the time
When I left my faith so far behind
'Cause the days are getting older, and I'm feeling all alone
Yes, I need someone to help me on back home
On back home

'Cause everything's moving, it's moving to fast
Got to find my memories to take me back
And, a long haired waving angel, to me she smiles so wide
Saying things often look darker in the light

And, the midnights stars tremble as they step into the night
Well, they've got this crumbling world right in their eyes
Right in their eyes
Right in their eyes

Empty handed armies march for peace in the streets
But, instead they find blood falling at their feet
As the souls of those not coming home, too soon taken away
Well, they bow their heads and ask for one more day

So, now is the time to stand up and scream
'Cause you can't be afraid to follow what you believe
And, a poem of self that Allan Ginsberg writes so well
Is speaking of a day that this world fell

Just one more day
Track Name: Hadacol Caravan
Ghosts in their graves are pulling you down
Hadacol caravan is making it's rounds
So, clear out your head, the time has come
The fire in the sky has come undone

Don't shoot me down, my love is real
Pull out my pockets, got nothing to steal
Look through the mirror, there's nothing to see
The weight of the world, I'm balancing

Don't you let 'em cut you down, keep your head high
Rise up with your feet on the ground, dance on through the night
Silver coin flipped to the sky, your fate on either side
Help me if you think you can to stumble through this life

Pictures in their frames hang crooked again
Happiness once caught with a camera lens
But, we all know this game is rigged
There's nothing here that's left to give

So, burn all I own, don't mean shit to me
Drop all my troubles down at my feet
Jump on the train and off I go
Searching for all I don't quite know

Track Name: Cocaine Eyes
Look at my baby, she's got cocaine eyes
She's looking for love, but love is so hard to find
Well, look at me baby, won't you please just stay here for a while
"I must be moving on", she whispers with a smile

Look around baby, you see the walls are all falling down
Gotta listen closely, and maybe you will hear the sound
Oh, that's the sound of love
Crashing down from above

Well, there's no looking back, you see the walls are all crumbling down
All these bullets and bombs, and our loved ones deep into the ground
How am I supposed to feel when I turn my TV on
Troops on the border and my freedom's gone

Well, look around my friends, you see the end is quickly marching on in
Gotta look so closely and maybe you will finally see the Summer sun shining
Or, hear the sound of love
Crashing down from above
Yes, that's the sound of love
Track Name: Follow Me Down
My feet on fire as I'm dancing through the rain
Taking these pills, helping me to stay sane
I'm walking tall

Gather my friends, I'm falling through
No matter where I land I know that I have you
I see it all

So, take my hand and follow me down
Watch everything spinning around and around
Come with me, my sweet Marie
All that's left here is you and me, that's all I see

Can't take my mind as the day fades away
Looking for love, though it's not quite looking my way
Can't win 'em all

Strangers, they pass with their heads lying low
No smile to share, and no thoughts left to show
Nothing at all


Truth draws a line 'tween those who philosophize disgrace
Don't shed no tears, just put a rag up to your face
Can't help but fall

Four winds blowing through the memories in my mind
Got all these dreams, but I can never find the time
But, I'm still walking tall

Track Name: In The Garden
Put the sunshine away today
Another war has come
Paint the trees as you seem 'em
Dancing in the Autumn breeze

Take the rust from my smile, babe
I think I finally found love
And, watch the stars as they shine away
In the darkening sky above

In the garden I watch it all grow
Everything that I thought I'd once known
But, can't you see
All I can be is me

Strap your shoes to your feet, my friends
A dusty trail is up ahead
Another candle to the cake we add
Until it burns to the end

The Summer light in city's gone
The moon hanging up so high
Rolling another one just to pass around
Getting lost in my mind


I hear the train as it's coming
Slowly around the bend
Take me far away, then take me home
And, then take me back again

And, down the highway all the headlights shine
Strangers quickly passing through
Past my eyes plays another night
Another night with you